Venice is the everyone’s image of a flooded town. Most of times this is not good but Venice is a miracle of building engineering and architecture and one city that’s definitely worth fighting the crowds to visit.

The Venetians owned at some point in history a lot of real estate around the world and apart from commerce and exploring, they’ve been awarded the discovery of accounting.

Apart from the kitschy scene: “boatman singing to tourists” the city is filled with marvel and beauty, with art and splendor. The city that set the standards for human resilience and commerce, Venice is what tourists expect and more. The Venetian cuisine and dialect sets the region apart from the other regions of Italy and the locals are a proud bunch and quite patient with tourists despite the abundance of foreigners and their non stop photographing.

Bridges and canals aside, Venice is a pearl of Italy and the trade empire that once dominated Europe has left Venice with an impressive load of artifacts, including the oldest known [bronze] sword in the world. A short trip from Austria, Venice may be better than its reputation. An architectural marvel Venice has inspired a lot of replicas, see Las Vegas, Macao etc. Venice is indeed very charming and if the situation calls for it, romantic.

OVERRATED (Be warned!):
-Venice is a major attraction so it will be crowded. Very.
-Hotels and restaurants are crazy expensive.
-A good amount of tourist traps
-Pizza in Venice is nothing to be proud of, have pizza anywhere else in Italy
-Hot and humid in the summer, the canals do stink! Maybe a visit in another season is a better option.
-The locals aren’t very fond of tourists, even if it’s for a good reason,

UNDERRATED (Cool unknown facts):
-The architecture.
-The lagoon islands.
-The pastries, cakes and sweets!
-The carnival and the atmosphere during this.
-The San Marco square. Crowded, famous and busy but still magic!

What did you realize it’s overrated about Venice after you visited? Leave a comment and if so inclined a picture!

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  1. Yeah, the water in the canals stinks but I read they banned the big cruise ships so that should improve the situation. maybe. Piazza San Marco is packed with people usually but it’s worth a visit.

  2. the water stinks like hell in the Summer. and the gondolas are so overpriced it’s crazy. Do yourself a favor and stay away from gondolas. just walk around the city, it’s magnificent.

  3. Venice is pretty even with so many tourists around. The boat ride is quite expensive, about 80 euros. Don’t take it. Just walk around and see some museums and try the delicious venetian pastries and coffee.

  4. I have visited Venice in 2019 in the summer. It was very hot and very crowded. The San Marco square is bigger than we thought it would be and you have to be careful with the pigeons, there’s bird poo everywhere. Don’t go to restaurant in the city. very expensive and waiters not very helpful.

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