Vancouver is the pretty boy/girl of Canadian cities. On the west coast of Canada, stranding the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver is a tourist destination all year round due to the “always nice” climate. The nice climate means its rarely cold and rarely sunny. Foggy and rainy, Vancouver, unlike Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City doesn’t normally experience freezing temperatures. Although the winter sports resorts aren’t far away and the snow is abundant in the mountains just next door to Vancouver.

Vancouver is a green(er) city and has a multitude of tourist attractions from whale watching tours, hiking, shopping and city browsing to winter sports and indigenous Canadian cultural activities. The west coast of Canada is where the totem poles originated and that alone a trip to Vancouver would have to include a visit to Stanley Park to see some of the beautiful totem poles there.
A short drive from Seattle, USA, a vacation in Vancouver may include both cities and would reward a tourist with lots of visual memories of the exotic (for some) nature of the area.

OVERRATED (Be warned!):
-The weather. While mild most of the year, the ever present rain and the fog might put a damp on sightseeing.
-Stanley park, because of the crowds
-Vancouver is still a North American city with skyscrapers and high rise condominium buildings dominating the city core. Not so pretty after all.
-Overcrowded museums

UNDERRATED (Cool unknown facts):
-The small local coffeeshops. Not the chains.
-The restaurants aren’t as varied and numerous as in Toronto and Montreal
-It’s almost never too cold in Vancouver
-Victoria Island-worth a trip
-Granville street
-Suspension bridge-might be busy but definitely worth the visit

Have you visited Vancouver? What’s your take on it and what would you advise a tourist going there? Leave a comment and remember the 500 words rule per one comment.

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  1. I found Vancouver overrated. Bad traffic, expensive and not much character…Although a whole lot better than Seattle on the other side of the border.

  2. I like Vancouver! Better than Seattle. Although it has some rough areas it’s a really nice town by North American standards.

  3. Vancouver is great. stuck between the Pacific and the Rockies. A bit too many homeless people and drug addicts in some parts of the city but great to visit.

  4. I’ve worked in Banff for a couple of years a ski instructor and bar tender. Stayed in Vancouver a lot and it’s a very cool place. You can check out Victoria too or Seattle. It never snowed while I was in Vancouver but it’s fairly short drive to the Rockies and all winter sports are available

  5. I’m from the UK and have visited Vancouver a few times. It’s best in the winter, you can do winter sports at resorts quite near Vancouver and the Vancouver winter is rather rainy and foggy not as harsh as anywhere else in Canada. Whale watching tours are worth it.

  6. I absolutely love Vancouver and can’t wait to go back there again someday!
    Victoria is beautiful by the way and it’s not terribly far away from Vancouver, definitely worth it. One drawback in Vancouver: major homelessness

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