Mykonos and Santorini

The most visited islands in the Aegean sea, these two Greek islands are known for their natural beauty and the views from the island and of the island are a staple for vacation photos, selfies as well as computer desktop backgrounds.

Mykonos used to be the waterhole for the rich and famous, but in the last few years it has reached the general public also and for those of us in the cheap seats this is a door opening into paradise. Greece has many islands and it’s not just beaches and historical monuments that attracts tens of millions every year but the views also and Mykonos and Santorini have an excess of these. Expensive, crowded and a tad kitschy? Yes. Worth the trouble? Yes again.

There are of course many islands in the Aegean sea and Mediterranean in general, yet few if any would come close in character and views with these two. The means to get to these islands are many, depending on the depth of the traveller’s pockets: ferry, speed boat, plane…public or private. All from Athens or even from the other Greek islands.

These islands have both beaches and mountains and that is always a winning combination. And the weather is hot in the summer and mild in the winter.

Not far from Romania, Bulgaria or Italy these amazing islands attract tourists from all over the world and the crowds bear witness to that. When in full tourist season that is. Of course having stated that it makes a very good idea to check out Scams blog entry! Better be prepared. Just click on the orange colored link.

Have you ever been to these islands and what made you skeptical about them? Leave a comment below.

Mykonos and Santorini
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  1. These two islands are the pearls if the Greek islands. Nothing overrated about them. Pricier than other islands but the views are so worthy.

  2. Mykonos is my preferred island in Greece, the views are spectacular. Hotels are expensive indeed but there are cheaper options.

  3. Santorini is absolutely worth the visit and was fairly easy to get around. The beaches in Mykonos were stunning but very crowded, unless you are willing to spend a lot for a beach chair. Very expensive.

  4. I’ve been to Greece and can say I saw a good amount of it, but Santorini is surprisingly far from Athens! And I did hear it is overrated

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