Capital of Holland/Netherlands. Well below the sea level and that can’t be a good think in regards to Global Warming and subsequent floods. Amsterdam is an old city and has a lot of architecture pertaining to the various periods in the city’s history. The city has been a hub for commerce, shipping and trade for hundreds of years and Amsterdam has flourished and has put this flourishment to good use. Amsterdam is easy to reach from Belgium, Germany, Denmark and even England. As one in the many towns in the Netherlands, Amsterdam has its own character and personality. You would know where you are just by walking around.

A city built on canals and that’s charming even if you don’t like fishing. Has become the standard for humans’ fight against the seas and so far we’re winning. The Dutch engineers are the unsung heroes of Amsterdam. And of course just as anywhere in the Netherlands, there’s tulips everywhere. Tulips on top of tulips and surrounded by tulips. And then there’s also a flower market in Amsterdam, in case you want to see even more tulips.

English spoken widely and the city might look like liberal to the core but its citizens are law abiding and the city is as safe as any major European city could be.

OVERRATED (Be warned!):
-Amsterdam is not cheap.
-Pickpocketing is an issue.
-Due to a relaxed drug policy some tourists may be tempted to try. Not a good idea. Ever.
-Some districts aren’t very safe at night especially for tourists
-It’s cold and rainy for most part of the year
-You can be hit by a bicycle while walking if you don’t pay attention
-Overcrowded museums

UNDERRATED (Cool unknown facts):
-Rijksmuseum. It’s worth the lineup and the ticket price
-Dapper Market-a street market

-Public transit is very good
-Foodhallen-a food hall with various cuisines form all over the world
-Amsterdam forest-Amsterdam Bos, a massive park with free concerts, hiking trails etc.
-The flower market!

What surprised you about Amsterdam when you visited? Leave a comment and if so inclined a picture!

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  1. I feel like this would be one of those place I spend no more than a day visiting before I move on… Thanks for the info! Great article and awesome website!

  2. Good post. I learn something totally new and challenging on blogs I stumbleupon every day. It’s always useful to read content from other writers

  3. Don’t go for the red light district. There’s a lot more better places to visit. There is a museum I liked called Micropia. It’s in the city center. Plantage Kerklaan 40

  4. I’ve visited Amsterdam and I recommend Rjiksmuseum. There is a lot to see there and you need a whole day for that.

  5. Amsterdam is filled with nice museums. There is one dedicated to Anne Frank and rijks museum has a lot of paintings by Rembrandt and Van Gogh

  6. Amsterdam is an awesome city, the attractions are very crowded and expensive. It’s a very walkable city!

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