Dream now, travel later

Right now, nobody is going anywhere, and it appears that most travel agencies, airlines, hotels, cruises are running on fumes. The pause button is firmly pressed and even local travel comes with risks and that makes everyone think twice before travelling despite the all-time low prices.
Dream now, travel later, and hopefully dreams will come true sooner than later. The forecast is that countries will open slowly and with restrictions come spring 2021 and this crazy “new reality” will change for some time the way we travel, where we travel and when.
Here in Canada, many restaurants, hotels, attractions are barely surviving; some of them even closing forever and apart from people in the industry losing their livelihood, the picture of boarded up windows of pubs, restaurants, bistros and all these waterholes and eateries, looks grim and depressing.
But nothing lasts forever, and this will pass too. There is still a lot of world out there to be explored and while this exploration might change its way, the thirst for adventure in a different country and city will be back.
Pretty places will still exist, and locals will still welcome tourists and making new friends while learning and building up the memory trove will still go on.
Let us keep dreams alive and talk, in the comments sections, about places we have been and want to go when this ordeal is over!

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