Stockholm, Sweden
Östermalm, Stockholm

The king of the Baltic Sea, Stockholm has evolved just as any major town by the sea from harbour for lumber and other trade-able stuff to a vibrant and spectacular metropolis. The old town of Stockholm is the area where most tourists congregate and rightfully so. For many tourist Old town Stockholm (Gamla Stan) is the prettiest place in Europe. Just the narrow streets and alleys, mixed with the watery ways surrounding the islands and the amount of history lingering within the city, makes a stroll there a rewarding activity.

A day drive from the south of Sweden, port of entry Trelleborg, Malmo (via the bridge from Copenhagen) or Helsingborg, Stockholm is easy to reach by car.

Enchanting and expensive Stockholm will stalk your memories for a long while and will make you addicted to its views. Being spread over several islands the trip between these islands is a feast for the eyes and a joy for the photographer. Restaurants in Gamla Stan (the old town) are fabulous and pricey but a must.

Stockholm has its character and personality as every European capital and yet compared to others, the pollution is at a minimum, cleanliness, walkability and drivability are far above the average European city. Public transit is well designed and functional. Stockholm’s subway/underground may not be very long and extensive but it’s clean, safe and its stations are unique and the subject of billions of pictures!

As everywhere else in Sweden, English is understood and spoken at a decent level. There are ferries to Finland , Estonia, Latvia and the city is well connected to Denmark, Norway and Iceland.

OVERRATED (Be warned!):
-Stockholm is expensive.
-Driving can be a hassle at rush hour bt not as bad as an American city rush hour.
-Parking can be a problem due to narrow streets.
-It’s dark most of the time from November to March.
-Arlanda airport is quite a way from the city. One hour or more by train.

UNDERRATED (Cool unknown facts):
-A fairly green city, lots of parks and gardens.
-Public transportation is very good and on time.
-Subway stations in Stockholm are works of art.
-Night life is alive and rich especially in the Old Town area.
-Hotels are of very good quality.
-Several interesting trips to the islands that make the outer Stockholm can be taken and will not dissapoint.

Stockholm may have difficulties changing but what do you think it’s overrated about Stockholm? Any quick advice for other visitors? Leave a comment below!

Stockholm, Sweden
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  1. Stockholm is fantastic. Beautiful city, very underrated as a tourist destination. Bit expensive but it’s quality. Some popular attractions are overrated, Vasa museum for instance.

  2. Stockholm is a very beautiful town. Prices for hotels and restaurants may seem high but the quality is there to justify the price. It’s not a very large town so the underground (subway) line it’s not very extensive.

  3. I visited Stockholm many times and I still love it. Especially in the summer. My advice is don’t go between October and April.

  4. This town is the most beautiful in North Europe! I recommend walking around in Gamla Stan, Old town and enjoy the views of the archipelago. Also visiting Vasa Museum

  5. I’ve been to Stockholm for a weekend to a football game. The city is gorgeous and I will come back with my family. Quite expensive but good quality on everything.

  6. Stockholm is one of the pretties cities in Europe. The underground train stations are all work of art and nice architecture. I recommend Vasa Museum

  7. Stockholm is my favourite city in the world! Apart from being exceptionally beautiful Stockholm is safe and clean. Take a sightseeing tour with a boat. Visit Sergels square, walk through the old town and enjoy a good meal at the restaurants overlooking the archipelago.

  8. We loved Stockholm! We took the ferry between the island and visited Djurgarden and the old town. I recommend very much to visit Stockholm, it has become one of my favourite cities. Some places to eat and have coffee were a bit pricy but we managed fine. I also recommend the “kanelbullar”, cinnamon buns available at bakeries throughout town.

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