Faroe Islands

The islands of Faroe, or Føroyar in the local Faroese language, are situated somewhere between Scandinavia and the British Isles. Hard to find, even harder to pronounce, the islands are probably one of the last bastions of unspoiled nature in Europe. Quickly catching up to Iceland as tourist destination, for those unafraid of cold, wind and rain, the islands still belong to Denmark and most of the traffic goes to/from Denmark. There are however, flights to/from London and Norway.

The country is rugged, and green, cliffs wherever you look and being somewhat off the beaten track, unvisited. Some locals would prefer it stayed so, given the mass tourism Iceland, Faroes sister, has been the subject of in the last few years.

The islands’ name translates as the Sheep Islands and if you visit Faroe you will get the idea why it is so. Thorshavn (Thor’s harbour) is the largest town and the capital, although not exactly within the generally accepted definition of a town given the number of inhabitants. A large village?

The views are however stunning all over the islands, there are ferries to take you to other islands and this is something most tourist come here: the views. The fauna and flora around the islands are subject to many professional photographers but would be a decent target to cell phone photographers as well. The climate being so unpredictable is best to be prepared for whatever happens, otherwise Faroe is one of the safest places in the world. Always be aware of the weather, especially fog.

Faroe is expensive at a level slightly higher than Scandinavia, and the local cuisine incudes mainly fish and, surprise, surprise, lamb. Faroe is definitely a place to recharge your batteries in an environment friendly way and to escape the stress and pressure of crowds. Just as the places listed under Pretty and Shy section.

Have you ever been to Faroe? We’d love to read what was your impression of it and what advice, recommendation you may have for others. Leave a comment below!

Faroe Islands
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  1. The islands are magic. People are very nice and the nature is out of this world. The weather could be tricky but I do recommend this destination!

  2. I have been to Torshavn, the main city in Faroes and the weather was really bad, foggy could barely see anything. And it was June! I recommend Faroe if you’re looking for hiking and a relaxing, quiet weekend.

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