Lake Louise, Canada
Lake Louise, Canada


A country too wide and large to be explored in a short time even if some may argue with “you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all”. Main cities: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Quebec City.

There are many beautiful spots in Canada, many tourist attractions and even more small towns off the beaten path, pretty and shy. And not only Niagara Falls, Lake Louise in the Rocky Mountains and old city of Quebec. Canada was officially born in the town of Charlottetown, on the east coast and the building where “the founding of Canada” documents were signed is still there.

Canada has provinces and territories. The difference between these two categories is the amount of people living there. Most of the Canadians live along the border with USA and every province has something unique. The good news is that unlike other countries Canadian English is fairly the same from East to West with the exception of Newfoundland and of course that of French Canadians. No dialects.

Born in 1867, moved out from our parents (the British) home in 1982 (Constitution Act), Canada is the land of green (forests) and white (snow) that’s why our flag is mostly red.

Visiting Canada requires patience and open-mindness. Yeah, and some English language skills. But we’re international so using your hands to communicate would do just fine.

OVERRATED (Be warned!):
-Canada is way, way bigger than anyone thinks. Distances are counted in hours of driving not kilometers!
-Driving in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver is a nightmare at rush hour.
-With the exception of Vancouver most towns are very hot and humid in the summer and very cold and windy in the winter.
-More expensive than United States in several areas.
-Days are very short in the winter and very long in the summer.
-Roads in the cities are poorly maintained and potholes are quite common
-There are two seasons in Canada: Road repair season (with lots of restrictions) and winter.

UNDERRATED (Cool unknown facts):
-Canadians are friendly and helpful.
-The major cities are very multicultural and that shows in the amount and diversity of restaurants.
-There are beaches!
-Canada is a safe country.
-Marijuana is legal and available at specific stores.
-Canadian national parks are magnificent and not only in the Rocky mountains.
-The native Canadian culture. The large pow-wows specific gatherings of Native Canadians (also called First Nations) are something worth experiencing.
-The English spoken across Canada is fairly standard with small variations.

What is it about Canada that surprised you when you first got there? Is there a reason to be skeptical about the reputation Canada gets as a tourist destination? Leave a comment below and help out with suggestions and impressions of your visit!

Lake Louise, Canada
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  1. My experience in Canada is that is a lot hotter in the summer than people think and a lot colder in the winter. Beautiful country, polite people unless you drive in Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver.

  2. Canada is a great country to visit. I would stay away from Toronto and Vancouver, the traffic there is horrendous! Lake Louise and Banff are wonderful so is Niagara falls. Check out the wineries in Niagara region.

  3. Excellent presentation! Many people don’t realize how big Canada is, it takes 5 hours to fly from Toronto to Vancouver!

  4. I recommend beside visiting the big Canadian cities to rent a cottage for a week in Ontario or Quebec.

  5. We took the train from Toronto to Vancouver. Until we reached the Rocky Mountains there wasn’t much to see, just farms. The train ride through the Rockies was amazing. I recommend it!

  6. The canoe museum in Peterborough Ontario is something uniquely Canadian and I recommend a visit. Just a short drive North east of Toronto.

  7. We have a cottage by the lake in Ontario. Fishing, canoeing and hiking is something I recommend when visiting Canada

  8. The most beautiful scenery in Canada is the Rockies and Banff, I recommend driving from Calgary to Vancouver and stopping a few nights at Banff.

  9. I visited the east coast of Canada on a road trip from Toronto and it was great. I recommend New Brunswick province for a longer stay in the summer and check out the biggest tide in the world in bay of fundy. And get yourself on a whale watching ship. It’s great and they guarantee you’ll see whales.

  10. We’ve been to Canada once for business. We stayed in Ottawa for a week and it was -15C! We’re from north of Sweden but that was too cold even for us. Toronto was warmer and we went Niagara Falls and to the Greektown in Toronto for authentic Greek food. We were not disappointed. Check out Danforth Road when in Toronto.

  11. I visited Canada a few times and even if I’ve only been in Ontario there are lots of places to see beside Niagara Falls and Toronto. I can warmly recommend the Big Apple bakery at about 2 hours drive east of Toronto!

  12. I visited Canada, from Spain and I like the country. It’s strange how they don’t give you the full price when you buy something. Taxes are added at the cash register!

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