October in Toronto


Every country in the world has something beautiful, something that other countries don’t have or don’t know that they have.
This website is trying to help people to go travel and discover for themselves that particular beauty, build visual memories and tell others about it.
While travelling we should be browsing through cultural differences and similarities with our own home country, and learn what can be done better and what should be avoided. Learn from others’ mistakes and successes.
All tourism is pretty much on halt now and a new reality will definitely show up after this upheaval and people will get back to travelling despite concerns regarding health, safety and hardcore environmentalist.
What made civilization appear and flourish was exactly the travelling and with it, the exchange of ideas and technology. The internet has indeed put a dent in the actual travelling for the scope of cultural exchange but humans are social beings and we need each other in order to survive, improve and be mentally healthy.
Humanity has survived, sometimes despite itself, and we will keep adapting and re-adapting until we get it right.
Let’s see what other countries, cities, attractions and new pretty and shy destinations will emerge in the near future. Let’s see what optimism and skepticism can achieve when they work together.

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