Leeds Castle
Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle, Kent, England

Leeds castle is nowhere near the town of Leeds, England. Kent has it and it can’t be moved. Located near the town of Maidstone in Kent, near the village of Leeds, Leeds castle makes it for a fine day trip from London and the castle has some stories to tell since it’s roughly 900 years old. And the stories come with pictures and the opportunity to take some Instagram worth pictures.

The castle is in the middle of a huge park with gardens, a maze and a cozy restaurant. They even offer Bed and Breakfast and receptions so wannabe knights and princesses would do well to inquire about these functions.

The castle belonged to kings and aristocracy of England even though the original was built by Normans from France but now it belongs and it’s administered by a charity foundation.

Just a bit over an hour drive from London, Leeds Castle it’s an attraction few visitors know about and it would make an excellent relaxing day for the whole family while also escaping the London stress and traffic. The park makes a great place for a picnic and the restaurant will step in if the weather is not cooperating.

If you ever been to Leeds Castle and want to tell others about write a few words in the comment field below!

Leeds Castle
Leeds Castle, Kent, England
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  1. Been there about 5 years ago, and dreaming of going back ever since. An amazing place full of history and DEFINITELY worth a visit if you’re around London.

  2. This place is very nice, there are even some small scale English wineries in the area you can visit. The castle is very well maintained and so is the park.

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