The city of country music, the capital of Tennessee state, is an icon of America. The distinctive charm of Nashville attracts many visitors and few if any leaves disappointed.

The art scene in Nashville is unique in North America and combined with the plethora of restaurants and the Tennessee cuisine, a stay in Nashville may be what the doctor ordered. A decent 7 hours drive from Chicago or Detroit and not that far from Tampa or Miami, Nashville can also be a starting point to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee a natural wonder worth the 3 hours drive trip.

The Nashville experience is something to tell everyone about and if country music is your choice of music, a visit to Nashville is a must. And not only country music but the chance to watch and listen to fabulous musicians who are less prone to international fame but could hold their own against any top musician. Nashville is presented as a musical pilgrimage destination, link here, and even though the population of Nashville is more than half a million, it still retains some of the small town USA character.


Downtown Nashville is loaded with bars and restaurants with live music and there are plenty of parks and monuments for those looking to recover and relax. Tennessee whiskey is something the locals are very proud of and whether this is your choice of beverage of not a tasting tour should be on the agenda.

The Music row is the place to be in Nashville as a tourist and Nashville has been the home of the world-famous Grand Ole Opry since 1925. Bar-hoping and “honky-tonkying” is what some do in Nashville and there’s no better place to do it…

OVERRATED (Be warned!):
-Downtown Nashville has a big traffic and parking problem. The roads are clogged at night and parking is usually a big headache.
-It can get pretty hot and humid in the Summer, up to 40C (105F) .
-Pricey. Expect to pay some $10 for a beer and yet there are drunks everywhere at night…
-Crowded, littering is another major problem.
-The whole downtown area seems like a gigantic booze fest with the usual consequences

UNDERRATED (Cool unknown facts):
-Nashville is a lot more than restaurants and bars. Beautiful parks and river.
-Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, 222 Fifth Ave S
-Jack Daniels museum
-Great food scene
-Hotels are of good quality and not expensive.
The Broadway, a music venue on several floors with different musicians on every floor.

Have you been to Nashville? Why not tell us about it? Tell us what do you think it’s overrated/underrated in Nashville!

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