Las Vegas

Las Vegas
Las Vegas

Las Vegas is literally the place that never sleeps and if it ever does it wakes up with a massive hangover. And where the lights are never turned off. The sin city of USA has more to offer than just gambling. A short drive from Los Angeles or San Diego, Vegas is the playground of Californians and also of many Canadians and Americans. Drinking on the street is apparently allowed on the main street (The Strip) which is something most Americans and Canadians never experienced before.

In the middle of a desert this oasis of debauchery is a place of where tourists let loose and sometimes unsupervised adults are prone to unfiltered behaviour.

Las Vegas is and will always be something else. A buffet of everything, gambling, food, shows and a whole lot of side businesses.

This city will not disappoint anyone except those looking for a quiet family vacation.

OVERRATED (Be warned!):
-Las Vegas can seem like a place full of kitsch and fakeness.
-The heat. In the summer months Vegas will be very hot. There’s hardly any green spaces around.
-The noise. With music blasting all over downtown those looking for a quiet night sleep will do well to book a room outside downtown area.
-The drunkenness is ever present. The local bylaw allows public drinking on the Vegas strip and people do take advantage of this.
-Prices. Vegas is expensive and some places are even prohibitory expensive.

UNDERRATED (Cool unknown facts):
-The shows available at any time in Vegas will satisfy any taste.
-The famous restaurant all you can eat buffets.
-Restaurants and bars are everywhere.
-The Fremont street experience is a must see.
-Champagne at breakfast! Anything and everything is available at the correct prices in Vegas!
-A trip to the Hoover Dam is recommended. Short drive a bus tour from Vegas.

What did you realize it’s overrated about Las Vegas after you visited? Leave a comment and if so inclined a picture!

Las Vegas
Las Vegas
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  1. I suggest staying at a hotel on the strip, very convenient and the strip is where all the attractions are. there are plenty of deals if you search online.

  2. Vegas is one of a kind. Must see at least once in a lifetime. Hotels are cheaper outside the main street (the strip).

  3. Vegas is the best place for a long weekend. I recommend staying a bit off the strip, hotels are cheaper there.

  4. Vegas is worth a visit at least once in a lifetime. I recommend visiting Hoover dam. It’s close by and there are tours there or rent a car.

  5. Las Vegas is party town. If you don’t wanna party don’t go there. If you do you won’t be disappointed. I recommend the old Las Vegas, it’s so much better!

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