Cities where we and our readers have been to. We focus on North American and European cities, with smaller towns being organized in the Pretty and Shy menu.

The destinations we have here are major cities across Europe, Canada and USA where most tourist would go or would like to go. We have enabled reviews on every single destination to help, via comments, all potential tourists prepare. We believe in short texts and more images because as we all know a picture speaks a thousand words and we’re all visual beings first and foremost.

Cities like Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York are staple destinations for tourists visiting Canada and USA and by clicking on any name (orange colored) a link to the respective city will open up making it easier to browse.

The comments should be focusing on what may be regarded as overrated about a certain destination and all that without any negativity and complaining. Things that could be a lot better explained prior to arriving to that city. Help and be helped via the comments and our little introduction to all the destinations! The pictures in this site are not taken by professionals (with a few exceptions) and that is in order to keep the honesty level high! Keep travelling, stay safe in any city and lower your expectations!

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