“Life is a vacation, take as many photographs as you can”
I believe firmly in travelling, exploring the world and learning. Making new fiends and discovering new places, new cultures and new customs. All in a safe and civilized manner, without exposing yourself to involuntary dangers, scams, aggressions and stress.
It’s not easy nor cheap to travel and with all the Covid-19 bans and quarantines, travelling for pleasure has become straddled with immense hurdles that we never could have imagined just a few months back.
I see travelling as a way to improve oneself and be part of the constant stream of curiosity and learning. Of course there are loads of ways to stay home, turn on the computer and travel via social media, Facebook, YouTube and similar. We’re all now restricted to this and I, myself, resort to this to see places that I know I will never go to.
But these restrictions will end. We all know that and we also know that many, way too many countries and people rely on tourist money to thrive. Is it good, is it bad? Have your say in comments.

  1. I miss travelling and I believe it will take a considerable amount of time until we can comfortably travel to distant countries without worrying about viruses.
    For now, we explore our own region without crossing the border.
    Surprisingly, there is lots to see and lots to do!


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