Los Angeles

Los Angeles
Los Angeles

Los Angeles, the second largest city in USA doesn’t need too much of an introduction. Everyone heard about it, watched it in movies, TV shows, news and whatnot. Stuck between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains, the large urban pie that makes Los Angeles is famous for being what Hollywood has been showing for decades and more. It’s easy and handy to think that the city is alive and well due to the film industry but it’s a lot more than that.

Granted perfect weather all year round, magical sunsets, entertainment celebrities and wannabees, the city has also a vast array of real culture and natural beauty. Everyone in the city is somehow connected to Hollywood and as the locals say, every waitress in LA is an actress and every taxi driver a screenwriter. San Diego is a couple hours drive away and the route is as scenic as a drive between the ocean and the mountains can be! Awesome.

Los Angeles is probably the definition of a multicultural mega city and although everyone focuses on the entertainment value of the city, there are hundred of interesting places in and around LA that are worth a look, two looks or several. The beaches, Malibu, Venice, Huntington, Pasadena, the Botanical Garden and many other spots outside Hollywood Blvd. or Rodeo Drive.

Loaded with tourist traps the city and its inhabitants are refreshingly openminded and the whole city may seem as a bottomless bag of quirkier excitements. Not only street musicians, clowns, mimes and other performers looking to get noticed, but even locals see the ocean side as a meeting and gathering area.

Los Angeles is what the movies say it is and a lot more!

OVERRATED (Be warned!):
-Los Angeles is crazy big and could easily be a country itself. Traffic is often coming to a stand still, especially on the [in]famous highway/freeway 405.
-Everyone in Los Angeles is somehow connected to the entertainment industry and as such some degree of fake is to be expected.
-There are several areas of bad reputation. Whether these areas live up to this reputation is arguable.
-The discrepancy between rich and poor is more obvious here than probably anywhere else in America.
-Hollywood Blvd. Fake and kitschy.
-Nothing is cheap in Los Angeles

UNDERRATED (Cool unknown facts):
-The ocean view. Astonishing. Either driving down the mountains or from the numerous piers.
-The weather. The expression “California weather” was coined here and for good reason. You will never feel cold in Los Angeles.
-The nature outside the city.
-The major events available in Los Angeles. All professional sports are well represented in Los Angeles and the entertainment industry has its headquarters here with movies, shows, art galleries beyond plentiful.
-The Californians. Warm, smiling and chatty the locals are of the friendliest kind.
-Huntington, Malibu and Venice Beach just to name a few are just like in the movies and more.
-A liberal and progressive city even though it’s filled with millionaires.

What did you realize it’s overrated about Los Angeles after you visited? Leave a comment and if you have a nice picture, why not attach that too?

Los Angeles
Los Angeles
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  1. Los Angeles and San Francisco we visited in January 2020. It was very nice weather and I recommend the celebrity tour in Los Angeles, a bus that takes you to famous people homes. Driver was very funny. We found many Japanese restaurants in LA but Mexican restaurants were the best

  2. We stayed a week in LA and we went to a hockey game as well. It’s nice that you can get tickets to pro hockey. You can’t in Canada! LA is hot in the summer and the so called bad areas aren’t really that bad. I recommend Huntington Beach. Very pretty.

  3. Los Angeles is a wonderful city to explore with many attractions, especially if you are interested in the film industry. Travel is a bit challenging as a car is needed at all times and the traffic is always heavy. Prices at restaurants and attractions were also on the pricier side.

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