Andorra is a country stuck in the mountains between France and Spain. Very few have heard of Andorra and that may be because its size or whether it’s a country or maybe not. Since in theory it’s ruled by its neighbors, the statehood of Andorra is a bit fluid. Just a few hours drive from Barcelona-nearby Girona-, Andorra is all about mountains and valleys.

The country is a paradise for hikers and winter sports. Small but feisty Andorra is gentle when it comes to taxation. Either on income or sales tax. Andorra is not a member of the European Union but uses the Euro as currency. The official language is Catalan as in Catalonia region of Spain but being a tourism based economy everyone speaks one or all of these: English, Spanish and French.

Andorra has no visa requirements but they will give you a souvenir stamp in your passport if you ask for one at the border. There are buses that can take you to all villages in Andorra, but renting a car is maybe better even if the roads are mountainous.

The winter resorts will give you a pass for skiing valid in all of them.

If you ever set foot in Andorra please leave a comment below and tell us about it!

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