Stuck between three gorgeous tourist destinations, Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Italy, Slovenia can hold its own when it comes to natural beauty, peaceful and safe country to visit. Often confused with Slovakia, Czech Republic former twin brother and current neighbor, Slovenia is a small country, easy to miss on the map of Europe.

Mostly mountainous and forested Slovenia has access to the sea and thus combining what tourist are looking for the most: beaches and mountains. Blessed with stunning views all over the country, Slovenia has recovered exponentially from 50 years of soviet style economy and now it’s one of the European countries with a high living standard. Consequence of that? Higher prices on pretty much anything. There is however no large scale tourism and the country’s nature remains unspoiled.

The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana is in itself a tourist spot and within driving range from the neighboring countries.


Many tourists will head to lake Bled for the iconic island and castle that’s been featured in many travel calendars and books about Europe.

Slovenia is made for hiking and exploring. The mountains are a snow sports destination as well and there are also caves that can be explored through organized tours.

Slovenia Beach

OVERRATED (Be warned!):
-Roads are not always maintained at the highest standard but it’s a work in progress
-Being an ex-communist run country the legacy still survives in people’s mentality especially the older generation.
-Pickpockets, taxi drivers taking the long route etc. The usual tricks as lined up in this blog article (click on it): scams
-As in many European countries, customer service is miles away from what North Americans are used to. Be ready for some uninterested and rude sales people.

UNDERRATED (Cool unknown facts):
-The food and the wine! The Slovenian cuisine is of course influenced by its neighbors and it has its own fingerprint on the pasta, schnitzels and apple strudels. The oldest wine festival is held in Slovenia!
-The national parks. Stunning views! All these amazing views collected in a tiny country.
-The spa resorts
-The seaside

Have you ever been to Slovenia? Did anyone believe you or they thought you just made up a country? What did you find overrated? Leave a comment below!

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