Valetta, Malta


While floating on the Mediterranean sea you might want to stop in Malta and get to know her. One of the two island nations in the Mediterranean sea (Cyprus is the other one), Malta has a charm unique for any European country. It is loaded with history starting 10,000 years ago and it has the buildings to prove it. There are several ancient temples/sites and all within a short drive from the capital and airport.

Malta is small, unique and exotic. She’s old but looks good for her age. Pretty much everything in Malta is built with the local yellow stone and that simplifies a lot for architects, I suppose. Valetta is the main city and capital and it is what Malta represents. An exquisite, historical place in a paradise-like location.

Unbeknownst to many, Malta has an interesting food culture, and with Italy being so close the influences are obvious. There is of course the influence of all cultures that have once inhabited Malta and of course everybody left something behind. As a tourist you would of course leave some emotions behind and take home some gorgeous and unique views.

English is spoken by everyone and the country has a lot to offer except palm tree lined wide beaches. Locals are friendly and sociable, although just as everywhere pickpockets and scammers do make a nice living off unsuspecting tourists.

OVERRATED (Be warned!):
-Malta is pretty hot in the summer.
-Traffic in the city is very busy.
-Roads are quite narrow outside the cities.
-There are hardly any beaches in Malta even if this is an island in the beautiful Mediterranean sea. Not the place for a beach vacation.
-The country is quite hilly and hiking or biking could be quite challenging for the non-fit travellers.
-Traffic is UK style and that may be a challenge for non-British/Australian/Japanese/South African drivers.

UNDERRATED (Cool unknown facts):
-Malta is very small and easy to travel around
-There are ancient temples and buildings all over the islands that are thousands of years old
-The Maltese wine. Very good!
-The multiculturalism of Valetta and St. Julian. Since many companies have established technical support centers in Malta, the two main cities are filled with people from various European countries.
-Everyone speaks English.

What did you realize it’s overrated about Malta after you visited? Leave a comment and if so inclined a picture!

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  1. Malta is a hidden treasure. I’ve stayed in Malta for a week, and enjoyed it a lot. Valetta is so pretty! I recommend taking the tour bus the south route from Valetta/Sliema

  2. Malta is very beautiful. I spent a week there and I recommend visiting the temples and taking the boat tour to Blue Lagoon.

  3. It’s hard not to fall in love with Malta. I’ve been there in May 2019 for 3 days and I will try my best to go back. There’s so much to see and do.

  4. I’ve been to Malta twice and I stayed in Sliema. There’s two buses going around the island one the north route, the other one south route. We took the south route and visited the temple. We stopped at a small fishing village on the way, Marsaxlokk, I think it’s called. They have a very nice souvenir market there.

  5. I have been vacationing in Malta a few times. Yeah there aren’t many beaches that are known but always ask locals. They know places where you can lay on the sand and have a swim. Maltese beer Cisk is very good and I recommend it.

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