Czech Republic
Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Boasting one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world, Prague, Czechia is one of the few landlocked European countries. Relatively small compared to its neighbours Germany, Poland and somewhat equal in size to Slovakia and Austria, Czechia lies conveniently in the heart of Central Europe so there’s no complaints about location. Nor about the fantastic nature of the country.

The country has suffered from communist and Soviet occupation for almost 50 years but it has recovered magnificently and today it’s one of the most underrated European destinations. Prague has come back to the position of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and a fairly cheap weekend destination for many Europeans.

A safe country to visit and perfect for hiking, beer tours, castles tours, winter vacations, Czechia will provide anyone with long time memories. Good memories. Many areas in the country are rarely explored by tourists and while the infrastructure is very good as well as the public transportation the marketing of the country as a tourist spot might be on low burner.

The language spoken in Czechia might be difficult to grasp by English speakers and as in many other countries the older generation will not speak any other language, especially in the countryside. Some basic words and phrases in the Czech language would be useful to know when travelling there.

Mountain ranges, national parks, forests and other natural features stand equal to all the towns and castles on the list of things to see. The Czechs are friendly and liberal people and while they’re famous for the beers the local cuisine is nothing to turn away from.


OVERRATED (Be warned!):
-Language barrier is bigger than expected since the Czech language is quite difficult.
-Being an ex-communist run country the legacy still survives in people’s mentality especially the older generation.
-Pickpockets, taxi drivers taking the long route etc. The usual tricks as lined up in this blog article (click on it): scams
-Customer service is miles away from what North Americans are used to. Be ready for some uninterested and rude sales people.

UNDERRATED (Cool unknown facts):
-There are other gorgeous cities outside Prague!
-The food. Beer is cheaper than water!
-The wines and the liquors, not only the beer!
-The thermal spas at the resort Karlovy Vary. National Parks Bohemian Forest.

If you ever been to Czech Republic, let your fellow travellers know and add a small advice by leaving a comment below!

Czech Republic
Czech Republic
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  1. Czechia is a very pretty country, nice people but too few speak English. I recommend Brno a better place to visit than Prague in my opinion. Prague is too crowded.

  2. I visited Czechia in 2019 and I loved it. Prague is indeed pretty but just in the old town. Lots of people trying to take advantage of tourists. The hotel clerk warned us about an ATM scam and advise not to use it.

  3. Great article! I visited in 2004 and absolutely loved it! Will go again. Two things I was not fond of: it is very hard to find just normal regular bottled water (their grocery stores seemed to only carry carbonated water!), and of course the older generation influenced by the communist regime (may come across rude). Otherwise, beautiful country with beautiful towns and cities!

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