England is part of an island. Hence the mentality of the English people is partly insular. Feudalism thrives in many areas of the country in spite of  the bemusement and confusion it creates for the visitors.

London is the capital and that’s what everybody knows but there are hundreds of pearls to be seen in England, too many to mention…Scarborough, North Yorkshire, Dorset, Winster in Derbyshire are only a few.

Rumour has it they speak English but after a trip throughout various regions of England, a non-native English speaker would need a qualified language therapist to sort out the linguistic/dialectal mess. And with Ireland close by, the English language takes another turn. Whether is for the worse for for the better it’s a matter of debate.

See the countryside and the magnificent coasts, see what fish and chips it’s all about and give in to drinking gallons of tea with milk. Now you’ve been to England!

Easy to reach from Belgium, France or the Netherlands, England will always be something to remember!

OVERRATED (Be warned!):
-Weather lives up to its reputation. It rains and when it doesn’t it’s cloudy.
-Food. Outside fish and chips it’s hard to find specific English food that stands out.
-Some countryside roads are very narrow and that requires some getting used to if you’re a tourist driving around.
-London and the bigger cities are expensive when it comes to lodging and eating out. A thorough research it’s definitely recommended.
-The main motorways (highways/freeways) are always busy and cause delays.
-Most towns have neighborhoods where poverty, littering and crime are a major issue.
-The many accents and dialects of England can easily be the source of misunderstanding.

UNDERRATED (Cool unknown facts):
-England has many wonderful unknown places, a joy for the eyes and for photographers.
-The small villages are charming and the local village pub will not disappoint.
-The soccer match scene. Even a lower league match will generate a live atmosphere and a good chance to immerse in the Englishness.
-There are beaches in [south] England where sunbathing and all other activities connected to a beach resort are common.
-England has been subject to multiculturalization for several decades and as a consequence in the big cities there are restaurants of all sorts of delicious ethnical food.
-North of England is relatively not famous for tourism. There are plenty of national parks and natural reserves all over the place in the North.
-There are a lot of castles and places open to the public worth visiting
-English beer is far better than advertised.

What surprised you about England when you first got there? Leave a message bellow and if you want a picture or two!

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  1. Countryside England is way underrated! Always green even in the winter and always with a pub with great beer and chatty locals.

  2. England is a lot greener than I expected. That was a nice surprise. Definitely underrated. A road trip off the motorways is recommended.

  3. I recommend visiting Cambridge and Oxford. Not far from London and quite impressive. The countryside around Oxford is quite pretty. Check out Abingdon.

  4. England is a very interesting country. We did a road trip from Brighton in the south to Middlesbrough in the north. You can’t drive into London downtown unless you pay a fee. Congestion fee called. I do recommend Brighton and its beaches. Whitby on the North Sea cost is very pretty too.

  5. In England Lake district in the north west of the country it’s something different than London and the big cities. I do recommend it.

  6. I went to England to visit family. I recommend visiting the university towns Oxford and Cambridge. I liked Cambridge more but also the small towns around London are very nice. Rochester in Kent was also pretty with castle and cathedral.

  7. We visited England and we went to London and Oxford. Oxford is very pretty and I recommend going there, it’s a short bus ride and you can visit one of the oldest universities in the world. Impressive. Dedicate a day to visiting Oxford.

  8. England is a good country to visit but my advice is to do that outside the season. I’ve been to Kent in the south and I recommend Rochester castle!

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