Rome is the biggest and most overwhelming city in Italy. A city filled with antiquities at every corner will fill the heart of tourist with awe and wonder. As the capital of Italy, Rome is also a travel hub to and from many cities around Europe and the world. Plenty of low cost airlines and a quick and cheap getaway to and from other beautiful places in the relative vicinity of Rome is doable. Malta is only one hour flight so is Bucharest, Athens and few others.

The city is indeed built on hills and has over exceeded its reputation as a prime tourist attraction long time ago. Despite a few shortcomings, Rome rules the touristic Italy and the fact that all roads lead to Rome becomes quite visible after a while after watching the way traffic moves in Rome.

It’s easy to lose track of time in Rome, given all that must be seen and experienced, and even the hidden gems of this city are so many that even locals don’t know them all. Rome has its own attraction power, different than say Venice and Rome can also be the base for some interesting road trips, either by train, bus or car. experiencing Italy must start with Rome.

Recommended for those with a passion for history, a day tour to Pompeii will only enhance the experience of Rome.

OVERRATED (Be warned!):
-Rome is big, crowded and not driving friendly.
-Tourist traps galore.
-Trevi Fountain. Very busy all the time and a pickpocketing heaven.
-The Vatican. A whole lot busier than anyone expects. Expensive and overrated even with guided tours.
-Colosseum. Very long lineups and the interior is highly overrated even according to locals. You’ll do fine just seeing it from outside.
-Hotels are overpriced and many are below North American standards
-Hardly any public restrooms anywhere. Cafés and restaurants will allow only customers to use their facilities.

UNDERRATED (Cool unknown facts):
-For a big city Rome is very walkable. Proper shoes are recommended.
-Neighborhood restaurants and pizzerias are a whole lot better than the ones in the city centre. Cheap, tasty and friendly.
-The local wine. Cesanese wine. Drink like the Romans did!
-Lots of antique Rome buildings are free and not so busy as the more famous ones. Trajan’s column for example.
-The walk along the Tiber river
-The shopping. While not exactly cheap, the quality is there more than anything.
-The weather, pleasant most of time with the occasion heatwave.

What did you realize it’s overrated/underrated about Rome after you visited? Leave a comment and if so inclined a picture!

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  1. Taxi is expensive in Rome. also don’t eat at a restaurant or café in the city. very expensive and not authentic.

  2. Trastevere neighbourhood is great but is also full if tourists. It’s still better to go to restaurant there than in the coliseum or piazza del popolo area.

  3. Rome has many beautiful squares-piazza- and I visited Piazza dei fiori and I recommend going there. Parthenon is a must see.

  4. Rome is magnificent. There are so many things and places to see! Coliseum is indeed overrated, you don’t need to pay for the tour, it’s just as nice on the outside.

  5. I’ve been to Rome in June 2019. The subway had 4 stations closed. Luckily enough it was warm enough so we walked from our hotel near the Vatican, everywhere. We booked a guided tour to Pompeii, 90 euros. I think the square where the Trajan’s column is was the best. And a Leonardo Da Vinci museum. Very impressive.

  6. Ciao, I like this site very much, congratulations for the idea. When in Rome, the neighborhood Trastevere is very nice and it’s just across from the many attractions. Do not go to restaurants close to attractions. very expensive and not authentic Italian.

  7. Rome is amazing! Crowding and hustlers all over the place is something tourist books don’t say much about.
    The walk-ability of Rome is way overrated!

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