Latvia is part of the three Baltic states that many people confuse and are not very familiar with. Three small countries on the east coast of the Baltic Sea, across from Sweden, Denmark and Finland and wanting to identify themselves as Scandinavian. Being neighbor to Russia is never easy and Latvia has the scars to prove it. A small country with a distinctive culture and language and where history is always present. The Latvians may not be that many but they are for sure a very friendly bunch and would make your stay in Latvia a very rewarding one.

Many tourists opt for a weekend in Riga, Latvia’s capital and major town and most of them have a great experience when visiting the city. Riga is as pretty as any medieval European city is and the locals make an extra effort to preserve it.

There is a significant Russian speaking minority in Latvia and the mixture of the cultures is something to contemplate when visiting the country.

Just as any country with a sea, Latvia has beaches too and some are purely stunning. As a rule some people will visit all three Baltic states in one shot. Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. and while in the area, why not Poland or Finland?

OVERRATED (Be warned!):
-Winter. Harsh and long. Windy all year round.
-Bathing in the ocean is for the most daring ones. Water temperature is between cold and freezing cold.
-While Latvia may be cheaper than many European countries, this is not entirely true. Prices are getting to same levels as anywhere else in Europe.
-The weather may not be always cooperating with the tourists.

UNDERRATED (Cool unknown facts):
-The countryside. Nature at its best!
-The medieval towns and castles.
-Whale and seal watching trips
-Local restaurants. Too good to miss!

Have you ever been to Latvia? What did you make of your visit? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I travelled to Latvia in 2019 and stayed 3 days in Riga. The people are very nice and friendly but some taxi drivers do try to rip you off. Bars and cafes in the old town are very cool.

  2. I have visited Riga in Latvia and liked it. Even if we were here only for one day, it was a very pleasant experience. I will certainly go back and explore some more of the country side. The old centre of Riga has many restaurants.

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