Reykjavik is the biggest town in Iceland and North Atlantic. Even if the competition for this title isn’t exactly crushing, the town thrives and attracts tourists due to a smart advertising policy. And it’s only 5 hours flight from Toronto!

Not exactly a beach destination by any means, Reykjavik has, however, a lot to offer when it comes to hot baths. A Scandinavian town by name and architecture, Reykjavik is still different from Stockholm, Copenhagen or Oslo, and not only by size but by the quaintness and easiness. The ocean is never further than 20 minutes walk and the climate is milder than expected given the geographical location.

The city is quiet, safe and peaceful, walkable (not because gas is expensive!) and people are friendly and helpful. The views are stunning if the weather allows that, and the prices are nothing to write home about. At least nothing good. For being a small town on a cold small island, Reykjavik does well for itself. The Icelanders have built a capital to be proud of.

The restaurant and bar scene is alive and well in Reykjavik even if expensive and eating out is a great experience and yet not that great for vegetarians. Being in a country where not much grows due to the weather and the relentless erosion induce by the reckless behavior of the first humans on the island, veggies are a bit of a luxury.

OVERRATED (Be warned!):

  • Reykjavik is either cool, cold or very cold. Never warm, temperature wise that is. Foggy a lot of times. Be prepared.
    -Expensive, especially in the touristy areas.
    -Not a whole lot to see beyond a day or two there.
    -The infrastructure for tourism is not there yet
    -Blue Lagoon.
    -Hotels are overpriced
    -Hot tap water smells (Sulphur)

UNDERRATED (Cool unknown facts):
-Being a small city, Reykjavik is very walkable
-Locals are friendly and helpful, most of them speaking excellent English.
-The Icelandic pastries, especially one called Vinarterta cake.
-There’s hardly any traffic
-Clean and very safe
-The Sun Voyager sculpture on the sea shore.
-The Imagine Peace tower laser light beam from the island Videy.

Ever been to Reykjavik? Leave a comment and some pictures!

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  1. Reykjavik is not the fun. exotic and cheap destination anymore. Thanks to the massive campaign by Icelandic air, many flights to Europe go through Reykjavik now and the quality of everything is down significantly. Avoid.

  2. Reykjavik is very pretty. We only stayed 2 nights but the city is small so you can see it all in 2 days. Everyone speaks English.

  3. Everyone wants to buy an Icelandic pullover, they are expensive in the shops on Laugavegur street (the main street in Reykjavik) but far cheaper at the local markets. Check where it is made so that you don’t buy one made in China.

  4. Reykjavik is small. If you don’t plan to leave the city, you don’t need a car. I recommend visiting a flea market called Kollaportid to buy the Icelandic sweater lopapeysa, and making sure it’s original. many in the tourist area are made in China. they still cost some $200. but in local market is genuine and cheaper.

  5. I’ve been to Reykjavik a couple of times with my mates. Had a blast. Going to pubs will leave a hole in your pockets but locals are great. Nicest bunch of people I’ve ever met. Must see the peace tower for John Lennon. It’s a light ray and you can see it from the Reykjavik shore in the evening.
    Great site btw!

  6. I visited Reykjavik in July. It was chilly but very nice and even if I only stayed on day I visited many sights. I will come back. Driving is very easy, not many cars. Very nice and friendly people.

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