Tivoli, Italy
Tivoli, Italy

Tivoli, Italy

Tivoli, a small town in the region of Lazio, Italy could/should be a day trip destination when visiting Rome. It is the home of a renown palace called Villa Del’Este where popes and cardinals have enjoyed their lavish existence far from the crowds of the Rome. A stylish and and grandiose palace, Villa Del’Este has set the standard for palatial gardens centuries ago and even today it’s still an oasis of flowery silence a short drive from Rome.

Tivoli has also inspired the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark and while visiting Villa Del’Este the spectacular views of the surrounding area will leave anyone in awe and may cause tens of pictures being added to your phone or camera. As most small Italian towns, Tivoli is filled with eateries and cafés and the authenticity of these cannot be overstated.

A hidden, unknown town with a lot to offer and unfortunately too easy to miss, a light walk through the town’s centre will not disappoint.

The old town is also a gem to be explored and the local Lazio region food adds to the flavour of this Pretty and Shy destination.

Have you ever been to Tivoli in Italy? Leave a comment below with your thoughts about it!

  1. Tivoli is small. Casa del’este is pretty but other than that there’s not much else to do.

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