Old Fort Niagara
Old Fort Niagara

Old Fort Niagara, Youngstown, NY

The old fort Niagara is in Youngstown, New York state just across Niagara on the Lake town in Canada. About half an hour drive from Niagara Falls in US, the fort was built by the French army in 1678 in order to control the traffic on Niagara River. The British army took control of the fort after a siege in 1759.
During the summer there are several reenactments of the battles fought here by British and French soldiers as well as Native American/Canadian warriors. And also a small market of the era.
The structures are very well preserved and the Fort museum offers guided tours (highly recommended). Entrance is US $15.

The fort is located in Fort Niagara state park which includes a large park with swimming pool and several soccer fields.
The views are breathtaking, and Youngstown is a small quaint village with a short Main street patched with coffeeshops, restaurants and souvenir shops.
All worth a day trip when in Niagara region!

If you ever been to Old Fort Niagara, leave a comment bellow!

Old Fort Niagara
Old Fort Niagara, Youngstown, NY
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  1. A very nice and relaxing park with the fort being the main attraction. I’ve been there three times with friends and family. I warmly recommend a visit.

  2. This is a true hidden gem!takes about 30 min drive from Buffalo. My advice is to take the guided tour, definitely worth it!

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