Lake Louise
Lake Louise

Banff and Lake Louise, Canada

There is a place in western Canada where all the views seemed photoshopped. It’s called Lake Louise and sits in the Rocky Mountains, undisturbed and yet accessible to many tourists. Lake Louise is about 100km from Banff which is some 140km from Calgary in the province of Alberta, Canada. A 4 hours flight (or a week drive) from Toronto, Calgary is the gateway to Banff and Lake Louise. Or a decent drive from US or Vancouver.

Lake Louise
Lake Louise

The color of this lake, being of glacial origin, is either green, sky blue and all shades of blue.

Lake Louise
Lake Louise and Fairmont hotel

While some call Banff the Canadian answer to Switzerland, the town is more than a winter sports resort. It’s fairly popular even in the Summer, when visiting the lakes and resorts around Banff seems to be much easier. Hiking, gondola ride to the top of the mountain and even a decent night life with plenty of restaurants, shopping and even a movie theatre are all among things to do in Banff.


The views available to tourists are of a splendour that no photograph or video can make them justice. This something that needs to be experienced live. Canoeing on Lake Louise or the nearby Lake Moraine is the best way to experience these majestic creations of nature.

Wildlife bridge over the highway

OVERRATED (Be warned!):
-Banff hotels aren’t cheap. Canmore 20 minutes drive away might be a cheaper alternative.
-Gondola ride is a hefty US $50 /person. A 14min. ride.
-Lake Louise and Banff can be crowded in high season, Summer and Winter.
-Canoeing on Lake Louise is US $120/hour unless you are a Fairmont hotel guest (US $90). Can’t be booked in advance.
-Hiking requires proper outfit and also physical fitness and…a bear spray.

UNDERRATED (Cool unknown facts):
-Nature. Not enough can be ever said about the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains.
-Public transport is available in Banff. there are buses taking tourists to Lake Louise, Lake Moraine and Canmore and it’s not a bad idea given that parking is expensive at Lake Louise and very limited at Lake Moraine.
-Winter sports are at home here. Hotels have special lockers for skis and some have even underground garage.
-The views are just fabulous when driving around.
-Plenty of restaurants for every taste, from MacDonald’s to Greek and Italian restaurants.

If you ever been to Banff and Lake Louise why not leave a comment bellow and let everyone what you thought of it?

Lake Louise
Banff and Lake Louise, Canada
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  1. I’ve been to Lake Louise and it’s indeed one of the prettiest places I’ve been. Winter is great there too. you can skate on the lake.

  2. You have to check out the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach, Florida. It was amazing. Lots of history including pictures of many famous people that have stayed there such as Frank Sinatra, and hosts one the hottest night clubs in all of Miami, LIV.

  3. Great article! We’ve been to lake Louise and stayed in Banff. Yu can stay in Canmore (a bit cheaper) but you’d have to drive or take the bus.

  4. Gorgeous pictures. Lake Moraine access route is closed for tourists in the winter, I think Lake Louise is the most iconic lake in Canada.

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