The economic engine of Europe, Germany lies appropriately in the heart of Europe and encompasses the core of tourism with its medieval towns and splendid nature as well as the top class infrastructure. Germany has pretty much everything in the tourism domain except palm lined beaches and that is overly compensated with the amazing architecture, the quaint villages, the exquisite beauty of its nature and for many a cuisine that had started trends and still maintains high standards.

Berlin is the capital city and rightfully so from a historical point of view, although there are several major town worth a visit and maybe far more enticing than Berlin.
Due to its location, Germany is also a transportation hub for most flights arriving from anywhere else in the world, so getting there is a fairly straight forward story with numerous direct flights from USA and Canada.
Bottom line is you can’t go to Europe and not visit Germany, it would be a loss and regrettable miss. Different than France, England and Italy, Germany has its own charm and beauty!

OVERRATED (Be warned!):
-Germany while not as expensive as other countries is still above the average line of pricing
-Many towns are quite boring outside the historical centre
-Tourist attractions are very crowded and pickpockets operate freely in those areas.
-English Is not widely spoken. Some German language skills are desired.
-Don’t expect customer service of North American standard

UNDERRATED (Cool unknown facts):
-The nature.
-The beer. In Germany beer is part of the culture and strict regulations makes it a must try.
-A very well organized public transport
-The countryside and the quaint small towns
-German towns are very well maintained and the infrastructure is top notch.
-German wines. Eisswein the German Icewine is a serious candidate to the Niagara region Icewine.

If you ever been to Germany, has anything in particular drawn your attention as being overrated? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Germany has everything from a tourist point of view and not only. All towns are pretty and the Black forest is a place to go to see the source of the Danube river. I recommend Berlin and Frankfurt, my favorites. Don’t go to Munich in October for beer festival, it’s very crowded.

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