Toronto it’s home for 5 million people and this number is on the rise. Why? Not only because it’s the economic engine of Canada but also for the countless number of ethnicities in the area which makes it easy for anyone wherever they’re from to find and meet the “homies”. Toronto straddles lake Ontario and as such has a lot of beaches and even if the water may be too cold for a swim, there are lots of activities around the lake shore such as boating, canoeing kayaking and so on.

A typical North American metropolis Toronto tends to be different than any other major city by displaying a typical Canadian friendliness and politeness. There are plenty of parks and the city is far greener than other metropolis with similar population. A 2 hours drive from the US border, many Americans visit Toronto and not only because of free access to marijuana (legal and available in specialized stores) but for a nicer North American town with better shopping and dining.

It’s relative proximity to Niagara Falls makes it an even more attractive destination. Toronto has a plethora of restaurants from almost every ethnicity and areas like Chinatown, Little Italy or Little Portugal, Greektown could rival its counterparts in the respective countries of origin. Woodbine beach, Scarborough Bluffs, Budapest Park, Queen st. East, Bloor st. West and many, many areas are definitely worth spending time in. The public transportation is fairly good if you stick to the city and don’t venture in the suburbia. You can use the public transportation with one ticket for two hours and that includes buses, streetcars and subway (underground/metro).

Summers are hot and winters are cold and snowy and yet the mood of Torontonians never changes. Nice, friendly and polite according to locals, rude and arrogant according to the rest of Canada! You be the judge.

OVERRATED (Be warned!):
-Toronto is the biggest Canadian city and as such the most crowded and plagued with traffic.
-Downtown Toronto is a continuous construction site with gigantic condominium towers rising at every corner.
-While generally safe compared to other North American cities, crime still exists.
-Streets are sometimes poorly maintained and potholes are quite common.
-There are several top professional sport teams but the tickets are hard to come by and greatly overpriced.
-Just as everywhere else in USA and Canada, VAT or sales tax is not displayed on the price and that may come as an unpleasant surprise for European tourists.
-Rush hour traffic often brings the city to a standstill, and that includes the city’s main highway, 401, 404, 400 and also the public transit.

UNDERRATED (Cool unknown facts):
-Toronto is a green city with lots of parks and conservation areas
-Toronto island is a must destination for tourists in the summer.
-There are several interesting museums and art exhibitions
-The restaurant scene is fabulous with eateries of almost any ethnicity in the world.
-The city is quite safe by North American standards.
-Torontonians are friendly, chatty and helpful
-The ethnical diversity of the city is staggering making it likely to hear almost every language and dialect in the world.

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  1. Toronto islands are nice to visit but the lineups for the ferry can be really long. King and Queen streets are nice to walk and lots to do.

  2. I visited Toronto in July 2019 and I loved it. It was hotter than I expected, traffic was very bad any time of the day. I recommend visiting Toronto Island and Eaton Centre.

  3. Toronto is great! I would advise to come in September or so otherwise is either too hot or too cold. Downtown is safe comparing to other American big cities and I recommend Greektown on Danforth Avenue.

  4. I’ve been to Toronto several times. Traffic is bad and people get edgy while driving. Woodbine beach was pretty cool.

  5. Downtown Toronto is a pretty safe place compared to other North American major cities. There are many parks on the west side by the lake and queen street west or east are filled with nice coffee shops and little stores. Greektown is also great.

  6. We live in what’s considered uptown about 12km north from the downtown core, and we can see Niagara Falls of our kitchen window on a clear day!

  7. I’ve been to Toronto several times, since I live in Buffalo, NY. Bloor west and Chinatown in Toronto are awesome places. Also Queen st. east and there’s Woodbine beach just a short walk from Queen st. East. On Bloor st. west there are a lot of cool restaurants and some nice shops.

  8. I visited Toronto once and I liked it. Check out Chinatown and also the Queen street east areas. Lots of restaurants and small coffeehouses to enjoy.

  9. The traffic is a nightmare. Overrated is the tourist attractions which tend to be crowded in season. Underrated is the Toronto island which can be crowded also but it offers a wonderful view of the city line and nice beaches with quaint cottages.

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