Tampa, Florida

Tampa Botanical Gardens

Tampa is the largest town in Florida on the Caribbean coast. On the opposite side of Miami and in the south of US.
The city is a major tourist attraction any time of the year. It has wonderful wide beaches, lots of restaurants, a magnificent Botanical Garden, the biggest flea market in the US (according to locals) and enjoys wonderful weather most of the year.

A short drive from Tampa there’s Disney World outside Orlando and also the Busch Gardens a feline park.
A better alternative to Miami in my opinion, Tampa has been blessed with a wonderful natural setting and would truly satisfy any tourist looking for sun, sea and relaxation. Tampa is actually divided into several beach towns like St. Pete, Clearwater, Bradenton etc. The Florida Aquarium is in Tampa and well worth a visit especially for the kids but not only.

The weather can be intensely humid in the summer. There’s also a Salvador Dali museum in Tampa.

OVERRATED (Be warned!):
-Tampa is very hot most of the year
-Traffic can be a nightmare at the wrong time of the day
-Downtown Tampa is quite boring and soulless
-Florida in general is more expensive than other states
-No shortage of homeless people
-Average age is quite high. Lots of retirees and not a lot of younger crowd

UNDERRATED (Cool unknown facts):
-St. Pete and Clearwater beaches. Large, clean and with ample parking.
-Tampa Flea Market. Must see.
-The pick your own oranges farms, while in season.
-Plenty of hotels right on the beach.
-Just one hour drive away from Disney World near Orlando
-Dali museum. Works of Salvador Dali under one roof

If you ever been to Tampa Bay area let us know and comment in the space below. What do you think of Tampa?

Tampa, Florida
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  1. Should we be worries about Alligators? Scary… Between hurricanes, guns, and alligators, I don’t think this is the place for me! No thanks.

  2. I stayed in Tampa and Miami and I prefer Tampa. Less crowds and nicer environment. Visit Busch Gardens a zoo and a park!

  3. The beaches in Tampa are excellent. There are public beaches also with nearby parking and there are a lot of restaurants and grocery shops along the road in St Pete beach area. Clearwater is great too.

  4. Tampa is in my opinion better than Miami. I went to Miami in spring break and then we drove to Tampa. I recommend checking out a baseball game and the flea market. there some cool restaurants and bars in St. Pete area also. Downtown is ok, but beach areas are awesome.

  5. I visited Tampa and stayed in Clearwater along the Caribbean sea coast. The beach was very large and the water was crystal clear except one day when there was a lot of jellyfish.
    We rented a car and travelled along the coast and we went to St. Petersburg beach also. Tampa area has a lot of places to see and some good shopping malls. I recommend going to an orchard south of Tampa for pick your own oranges, The kids loved it.

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